~ In The Company of Shadows ~

In the Company of Shadows is an original slash series by Sonny & Ais. The series is set in a post-war apocalyptic world in the near future. It follows two men who have emotionally shut themselves off from everyone in order to survive the past that haunts each of them. With nothing to loose;  Boyd and Sin end up being forced  to work together at “Murphy Corps”; a secret anti-terrorist government organization. Their objective: Stop “Janus”; a terrorist group formed to bring power to a special few by brainwashing the many. They soon learn to work together as partners, but in this high stress environment something has to give. Risking life, limb and sanity on their missions will bring them closer together then either one is prepared for.This explosive Duo struggles with who they are, who they were, and who they will become. In the end they  realize they had more at risk then they thought they did. Will they be able to protect more then just the world; when failure means their own deaths?

Warning: graphic violence, sex and language.
Series:                                          In the Company of Shadows

Book One: Evenfall In a story of violence, sex, and growth, two men with dark pasts are brought together by a covert organization in a post-apocalyptic world.

Book Two: AfterimageHaunted memories of the past and difficult trials for the future accost the characters as they struggle to find who they are and how they fit in this dystopian world.

Interludes:The Interludes are a series of one shots with important plot points that happen after Afterimage. The stand-alone stories follow the characters in the ICoS universe and tells what occurs in between Book 2 and Book 3.

Book Three: Fade Tension at the Agency grows stronger by the day while it seems everything is falling apart. How far will things go before it meets the threshold of getting better– or worse?

**NOTE: Sonny also wrote a spin-off story called After Midnight.

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KKPODESKY Recommended {One of my top 5 of all time!}


~Knight until Dawn~

A boy squire tries to avenge his knight by killing a werewolf. But he is just not strong enough. What will the werewolf decide to do with him?


~Against the Machine~

The attending Care-Giver glanced around the spacious room at his charges that formed group M-9985201.12. 12 being the number of male patients, in group identifier 9985201. There didn’t have to be twelve, but he certainly preferred not to have much more than that in one go. Over his years in this role he had processed many such groups, and there would, no doubt be many more – though if things worked as he was planning, he also hoped those ones might be under someone else’s care.

About 30 minutes earlier he had overseen bringing the 12 unconscious occupants of these couches from the surgical section to this, the Treatment Room, and arranged them in the places he had assigned. He left them there, and within 20 minutes all were awake and waiting. Now he had returned and, as yet, none realised he was there until he pressed a key on his master console and each bed began to move to take up the position he required. At the same time, the lighting levels came up and, as the backrest began to raise them to the sitting position, there were a few murmurs of disquiet and for the first time they saw the room properly. They saw each other. They saw him. And the fear that spread was palpable. This was the third day, and they knew, for sure, it was going to happen now.

How long would it take?


~Double Dose~

Shieseun seems to be your average shy roommate who sneaks out when he wants to take a shower, and does not talk much. He finds himself in boarding school and roommate to a set of twins, who are just the opposite to him; problems start as the twins discover things Shieseun did not want them to know, things that not even his family is ready to accept. Shieseun, Lahsar and Sahrin go up and down in the love-hate scale everyday… This is a long story… and if there was more to this summary… it would spoil it for you!