~Danny’s Rehab Program~

Daniel was considered the good son which means that Sam, his older brother,
was always the loser in any comparison to his younger sibling. Wherever o
with whom ever Sam was, there soon was trouble. Sam was the one pulled
into the principal’s office for sharing cigarettes with his classmates in
the eighth grade. He was also the son caught smoking pot in his bedroom
when his father came home from work early one day. You can guess which of
the two boys was accused in high school of shaking down the younger boys
for protection. Sam didn’t care about his grades; he had no intention of
going on to college. He looked forward to joining his uncle in the local
version of the mafia. Even before graduation, Sam was well off with monies
he earned dealing weed and other controlled substances. It was Sam who had
first introduced Danny into auto erotic delights.