3 or More

3 or more boys, no less

yx slaves


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  1. 297687xyyguhzdc7

    • isn’t this one from a bl game? i can’t remember what was the title but, the game i read was said to be really good. any BL gamers here?

    • oh my.. i miss these boys! kristine, can u remember which manga these 4 are from???

      • well i know its MINAMI Haruka but ill have to get back to you on the name of the manga,,, got to go find it again LOL

    • HAWT!!!

    • ey kristine chan..I think this one is from Hana Kimi manga. It’s a gender-blender and the girl on the right side …

  2. *BL Game: Silver Chaos cg

  3. *CG from Prince x Prince BL Game

  4. * by Itsuki Kaname

  5. A military party?

    * from BL game “Hanamachi Monogatari.”

  6. One is a Watcher.

    * from BL game “Hanamachi Monogatari.”

  7. Akira. Rin. Keisuke.

    * CG from BL game “Togainu no Chi”

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