That’s right people your lovely creator has decided to pool her efforts with some great people to bring you YAOiFEST 2010! It will be held June 25-27 2010 (8am – 10pm) in Calgary, AB. For more information please check out their websites (YAOiFEST.com & YAOiFEST.wordpress ), facebook group, or even fallow on Twitter!


YAOiFEST 2010 June 25-27 Calgary, AB

Thanks for all the love of Yaoifest 2009! Get Ready for 2010 and register early! Prices go up November 1 2009!

Choose your flavor at our Bishounen auction, mix flavors at the Yaoi Improv, be served a scoop of your favorite at the YAOiFEST Host Club and dance the calories away at the Masque Masquarade.

Also on the menu are panels with sizzling topics as well as workshops on writing, the art of comics and life drawing to help you cook up your own Yaoi confections. Find out whose yaoi-cuisine reigns supreme, enter YAOiFEST’s art, writing and mini-comic contests!

Last but not least, be sure to shop till you drop in YAOiFEST’s Exhibitor room, gussy-up for the Costume Contest and ogle pretty pixels in our A/V room.

This is a 18+ convention for yaoi fans all over, we will be in Calgary, AB Canada June 25-27 2010 from 8am – 10 pm. Venue to be announced!

We also have a 16+ pre-con event, YAOiFEST Flirt Date and venue to be announced. With a Butler Cafe/ Host Club and Masquerade!


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