New Novel Links

Hi everyone. I know I haven’t updated in forever… IT’S BECAUSE I DONT KNOW WHAT TO ADD! I have found a lot of new novel links so I added them today. Check them out. Look to the left side bar and tell me what to think.

On another note thanks for your comments. I hope to hear from you so I can start adding more Yaoi stuff 🙂  Please let me know what you find while surfing so I can share it with everyone.

Kisses; KK


6 Responses

  1. how are you!This was a really exceptional post!
    I come from milan, I was fortunate to discover your blog in wordpress
    Also I learn much in your website really thank your very much i will come again

  2. HI welcome back KK-chan!

    • Thanks! Got any requests??? I need ideas of what to add 😦

  3. Yay ~ im back too , finally home where all my yaoi is !!!
    I really want/need some manga rec , what s new and hot if u can/knew (and where to find them)~ :)) Im kinda disappointed cause Fantasy Shine deleted my account ,and i dont know y :(( and it seems their releases wont be post on sites like magafox or mangatraders =((

  4. Hello Kkchan!

    I forgot to mention that I’ve made my own blog related to Yaoi, but it’s a compilation of character bios. I think I’m going to link my Fanlisting Site page on your website, because it take so long to make that list, and anyway, I’ve been always wanting to add a Fanlisting Page of Yaoi and Bishies. So if you don’t mind, I’ll link it from here, hehehe. *peace sign*

    And yeah, you can check me out if u have time, still new and fixin’ what gadgets to add. Unfortunately it is not in WordPress.

    • I love it! sorry it took me so long to get back to you… life is getting in my way LOL

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