Ok people I need to know what I’m missing for the  site… I know there is a lot out there so send me links for your favorites. If you don’t know where to find it give me as much information as you can 🙂 I hope to get some great ideas from everyone.




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  1. k chan, do you mind me making a new banner here? Let me know of the right size of it… I’m using internet explorer browser and everytime I click to check the background for sizing, I can’t see it.

    • Images of exactly 904 × 160 pixels can be used. 🙂

      • Muwahs! thanks , i’ll give you a beep one of these near days

  2. the 1st one i finished earlier:

    let me know what you think? muwahs!~

  3. and the 2nd one, finished a few minutes ago. Hope you like it.

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