Yuki Giou is a high school student with no relatives, living in an orphanage.

Gifted with special powers that sometimes makes him able to read the mind of the people he touches, he keeps searching for the reason for his own existence.

A beautiful young man, who somewhat inspires his nostalgia, appears suddenly before him. His name is Zess.

He tells him he must not go outside during Walpurgis Night, the night of the red moonlight that beckons death. After that, mysterious events keep happening around Yuki, and he ends up involved in the millenary war against Duras, the demons!

What is the real nature of the Zweilt, the “Hands of Punishment”, his allies from the previous life?

How will the battle against Duras – still unfolding, reincarnation after reincarnation – develop…?

And what happened in the past between Yuki and Zess, who keeps watching over him…?!




One Response

  1. It may have belong in a shoujo genre, but hell, I like it on the more Shounen-ai side. I really love this anime, and honestly, I prefer the anime than the manga. 😀

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