~Making of Daniel~

It was my first year in junior high school, and I discovered a
lot that year. Not only about myself, but my friends and family too. My
name is Daniel, I live with my parents and two older brothers, Todd and
David, in a small town in New England. On the day things changed, swim
practice had been canceled, so I got home earlier than expected. I knew
Mom and Dad wouldn’t be there and my big brothers would be out with some
friends or still at their own sports practice. So I would have the house
all to myself.
When I got home I grabbed a coke from the frig and went up stairs
to start my homework. I am not really a dweeb, but like to get school work
out of the way as soon as possible, then I can play video games without my
parents hassling me.
As I walked up stairs, I heard the shower running in the bathroom
that was right next to my room. I thought Dave must be home since Todd
would be using his own shower on the third floor where his room was.
He must have come right home after school, which meant I could not
to concentrate on my homework since we shared a room. He was a great guy,
but as a brother, he was a pain in the ass.
As I went into the bathroom to take a piss; we didn’t have any
problems invading the bathroom on each other. Unless it was our mother, of
course. But today as I opened the door, I stopped dead in my tracks. Yup,
it was Dave taking a shower, but with his best friend Tom, and they were
both Naked! I stood there stunned, afraid to move a muscle.
They were kissing passionately as their hands were frantically
caressing each others bodies. I knew that I should have left them alone,
but I couldn’t take my eyes off them. Their cocks were hard and pressed
between them, as they pushed and ground their bodies into each other. I
could feel my own cock getting stiff inside my underwear, making my jeans
tent out. Whether they heard me come in, I was not sure, but even if they
did, they didn’t stop what they were doing.


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