~The Hole~

Piedmont Penitentiary is an old turn of the century prison nick named “The HOLE” on the outskirts of Philadelphia in the Valley Forge section of Pennsylvania, which was built to hold up to 500 convicted inmates. Today it holds nearly 1500, 3 times it’s intended population. Over crowding means there are 2 to 3 men or more per cell, which was originally built to house just one. The plumbing is old and rusted, the walls are crumbly, the foundation is corroded, and morale is low. Inmates and Officers complain of conditions, but more complaints are lost to the board of directors. Politicians that look to line their pockets before updating repairs for inmates, run the board. No one cares if convicted criminals complain about “unfair” living conditions. They were incarcerated for punishment, not comfort. Most tax payers see them as animals that need to be locked up off the streets. They are forgotten and unwanted members of society, -the scary and depraved. Whatever happens to them behind bars is more than likely deserved!


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