Crosses don’t burn our skin, and we can even walk inside a church without bursting into flames. These are merely fables, and I don’t care where they came from. The truth is, we were created by God, too. Probably not the way that man was created, but it was God that made us what we are. I guess I should say that it was God that made the very first of us. Not much is known about how vampires really came to be. So much has been lost over time.

Now, let me tell you some things about us that you don’t already know. For instance, there are no female vampires. This is because, for some reason unknown to us, vampire blood is fatal to females. None of them ever survive, so our folken are all male. It is also very risky for a vampire to mate with a woman, because the virus that makes us what we are can also be found in abundance in semen. The female always becomes pregnant, but she rarely ever survives birth. The sired offspring is nothing more than some kind of super drone, but I’ll get to drones in a little bit.


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