~A Light in the Darkness~

The boy was cold and the night was dark and hopeless. He couldn’t
hope to survive like this, always in hiding. But he had no one left in the
world…. No one left in his world, anyway. So here he was, somewhere in
the forests of Virginia, cloaked in a magical circle and protected by as
many spells as he knew. He didn’t know if anyone was even looking for him
any more — for all he knew they all thought he was dead, but he couldn’t
take any chances. But besides being very tired from remaining constantly
vigilant, he was very hungry. The food he had with him was rapidly running

Dawn was swiftly approaching when William smelled smoke, the smoke
of a campfire…. He carefully lifted his protection spells and his
magical circle, making himself invisible with a powerful spell he had
recently mastered. Carefully and quietly he approached the smoky campsite.
The small camp was in a clearing and William observed from the dense forest
for a long time. Finally, a boy who looked about 13, maybe 14, emerged
from his tent in jeans and a flannel shirt, carrying a walking stick. The
boy looked shaky on his feet and moved quite tentatively toward the fire
and sat on a log to warm his hands. William shifted on his feet, and a
twig snapped.


KKPODESKY Recommendation


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