~Collage in the Desert~

My fingertips grasped at the edges of the jagged rock, barely holding me as

I felt my last breath slipping slowly away! I didn’t know how much longer I

could hold on, but…

God, he was gorgeous!

He was wearing a little blue speedo and had a nice package that had me

sporting a hard on. All the closeted feelings of the first 20 years of my

life were spilling out on the rock in a hurry as my thoughts turned to

love, thoughts that started to force me over the edge…literally

speaking. Suddenly my fingertips let go and I felt myself falling into

space…I hit the dry, cactus filled ground with a thud! SHIT! That two

foot fall had practically raised some dust, but it got the attention of

someone in a blue speedo.

But I’m getting ahead of myself…



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