~Special Services Division~

“Will, I want you to be happy, Son. I want you to be the best man and have the best life that you can have. I love you gay, I love you straight. I’m in your corner, bud, no matter what.”

“This does bring up some other matters for us to talk over,” he said. “I mean, we needed to talk, but this changes the talk a good bit. You know, you are turning [the age for legal sex where YOU live] next month. And in another couple of months, there is the big Caldwell family men’s gathering out at The Camp. And as a [grown-up], this will be your first time to be included. This goes way, way back, and I don’t

know how it got started. But long ago, I guess one of the boys was gay, though of course, they didn’t call it that, then. The others loved him, wanted him around, didn’t want to exclude him–I’d guess they were already corn-holing him on the side–but they had to admit, he was different.. He liked cock, they all had cocks. He liked sucking and being fucked, they all liked being sucked, and fucking. Pardon my graphic language, that’s just how it is. Well, they just worked out an arrangement. It expanded as the family grew, but we continue the tradition today. If a Caldwell man is gay, he is loved and honored and included. But, with his agreement, he has a special function in the family. He provides special services for the others.”



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