~Stop Stalikng Me!~

Wait, did he just call me a druggie?! He didn’t even fucking know me and Tristan and Mimi were my gang? Alright, I’d had about enough of this. “First off asshole, I don’t do drugs and there’s no way in hell a court would make me pay that much. The fucking car had a dent in it. A dent! It doesn’t even look like someone pelted it with like a fucking cantaloupe! It’s no bigger than a fucking cantaloupe! I’ll pay two thou’ at most but that’s it.”

“No. The price doesn’t drop. $13,000 or we ask for higher.” Oh my God! This asshole! I wanted to wring his fat neck! And another thing, why did he keep saying we? Was he hearing voices are something?

Behind me, Tristan wasn’t helping. “Shit dude, we should have just taken off. I told you Mimi, we should have just ran!” I rolled my eyes, well maybe if someone had told me that plan I wouldn’t be sitting here trying to argue with a moron.

“Perhaps we can think of an alternative to paying at all?” A new, deep sexy voice questioned. Wait? What was I thinking? Who cared if his voice reminded me of the sex my life lacked? It didn’t matter right now because he was my angel sent straight out of heaven to keep me from going broke for all eternity! Not to mention he was a sexy angel with his medium-length black hair and the brightest blue eyes I’d ever seen, with the body of a model and skin like porcelain. Well minus the sexy stubble on his face. Oh shit I think he said something to me!

“What?” Crap, I sound like a love sick school girl and even more crap Mimi noticed. She’s looking at me like I’m gum on the bottom of her hideous Ugg boots.


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