~Sweet Dreams~

She wanted an answer. “Well?” She was starting to get impatient, she tapped her foot wildly “I…well…umm…w-who…who was that guy?”
Her face brightened up instantly! “Oh him!? Well, that’s my new boyfriend, come with me downstairs so you can meet him…” She grabbed my hand and dragged me downstairs before I could utter a word. It took a minute to pry my hands from the bedpost, but unfortunately she succeeded.
She dragged me in front of him and he stood up. He looked exactly like the guy in my dream; same height, hair …eyes… I, the stupid person that I am, looked into his eyes. I was lost and confused. He obviously didn’t know me …or remember me. My sister’s voice shook me out of my trance, “say hello, silly”
I blinked my eyes a few times, “Oh! I’m sorry. Hi, I’m uh…Gabriel.”
“Hello, my name is Andreua (Aun-dree-uh).” He told me in a deep, beautiful, luscious, strong, eh…etc. voice. “Your sister has told me quite a bit about you.”
I smiled weak and responded with a little humor, “I hope she didn’t tell you everything.” My sister so happy it seemed. I didn’t want to ask the question while my sister was there. I looked at her for a moment; she had her hands to her mouth while biting her bottom lip. “Any of you want a Shirley temple?”



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