~Angel’s Song~

Little feet barely made a sound on the forest floor as the two boys escaped the watchful eye of their respective nannies’ presence. Their race for freedom was abruptly brought to an end as they hit a slope which sent them both tumbling down. The younger of the two clutched on his older companion, his silken tunic staining green from the grass on the slope. A large willow stopped their fall unexpectedly. The older boy sat up and pushed the younger one’s blonde bangs out of his eyes.

“Must you leave tomorrow Syrus?”

“Yes Ainu, father said we must go.” The smaller blonde boy pouted.

“Well promise you’ll come back.”

“I will.” Syrus picked up his friend’s hand and places a kiss on his palm. “To keep for later.” Ainu nodded, closed his hand and watched his dark haired friend ride gracefully. “Lets go back Ainu our nannies will be worried.” The silver haired child nodded and took his friend’s hand as they started their ascent back to the castle.


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