~More is Better~

Hey, guys! I’m Ryan Adams; my brother, Chris, even LET me write the intro
to “More is Better”. Usually, in his other stories, I’d just tell him
stuff and he would be the one who wrote it down. Maybe you don’t know it,
but Chris has been writing about our family since the summer of 2006,
before he started his sophomore year at the University of Colorado. A lot
has happened, and my life has sure changed since then … but I guess each
of my brothers and our dads could say that, too.

Brothers and dads? Maybe you’d like to know a little about us…

It seems like a long time ago when this story happened; fuck, I guess it
was! I’m nineteen, in college now, and all this occurred in 2002, when I
was in the eighth grade. But I still remember everything … like it only
happened yesterday. My brothers, dads, and I lived on a ranch, north of
Boulder, Colorado. It’s called the J bar A. Anyway, my adoptive dads’
names are Tim Matthews and Josh Adams. And my brothers are Chris and
Kaiden Matthews and Tyler Wilson. Tyler is also Chris’ boyfriend, and his
folks, Ben and Tina, live on the ranch too.

It’s a long story … how we became a family … and there’s no way I can
tell you everything in a couple of paragraphs. However, Chris has written
all of it down. I guess I always knew our family was different from most
… I mean, how many families have two dads … or three, when you count
Ben? But I especially realized how unique we were, after reading what
Chris wrote … about how we found each other in the first place. Damn!
At the end of this chapter, if you want to know more about our lives, there
is info about the other stories. I really hope you check them out … and
Chris does too. He says he’s gonna be a best-selling writer someday
… but I’ll believe that when I see it! (lol) Right now, his stuff is
only on the web. He tells me a lot of guys have enjoyed reading it,

Chris has already let me read the first chapter of “More is Better”, and he
wrote it like I’m the one doing the talking. I hope all of you enjoy it!



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