~The Thane~

My name is Brett Wilson. I am the Controller for the World. In reality, I am
the head of the bank of the World Alliance. The building I work in, in New
Washington is also the depository for all the Gold, Diamonds and Platinum
reserves of the World, so it is a veritable fortress.
So it was very surprising indeed, when three men walked into my office
“Who the hell are you and how did you get in here?”
“WE are the Thane. Don’t bother pushing for security, the alarm will be
“So what is it you want?” I asked just a little scared now.
“Very simply put, your assistance.”
I looked at the three men standing in my office. Except for the differences
in their faces, they could have been triplets. All three were about six feet
tall, all had blonde hair and grey-blue eyes. Each had some sort of
instrument strapped to their wrists.
“Assistance in doing what?” I asked.
“In taking over this planet.”
Holy fuck.



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