~The Elemental~

I am a wizard. I don’t wear a pointy hat, a cape or carry a staff. We
modern day wizards are a very different breed. I live in a wonderful
apartment over looking the River Thames in London, which my family
bought for me when they found out I was gay. You see, I come from old
money, lots of old money, and my family couldn’t bear to have a queer
son tainting their good name. So, they bought me a nice apartment, a very
nice car and give me a healthy allowance on the proviso that I cut all ties
with them. This may seem harsh to you, but they are English Aristocracy
and to them, image is everything. I wonder what they would try and bribe
me with if they found out about my powers!
Anyway, to the casual observer, I appear to be a well-off 21 year old with
a good job in the city. As far as looks go, I would say I came off ok. I
have naturally tanned skin that has always been blemish free, broad
shoulders, strong arms with a nice but not over-stated bulge of muscle to
them, good definition in my pecs and abs and jet black hair. I think,
however, that my best asset is my eyes. They are this piercing blue that is
so light, people often comment that it is like looking into Aurora Borealis.
I am even told that they change color slightly depending on my mood.
My name? Well, for now lets just stick with Marcus.



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