My Life With You

Steve Mcdaniel is an elite soldier who one day had a mission to rescue a scientist from a terrorist hide-out in Libya. Eric Stuart is the scientist who managed to survive the 5 years of being held as a captive in that terrorist camp. The mission was accomplished. They became good friends for years eventhough Eric confessed to Steve that he loves him more than a friend.  They have thesame goals:  to protect their nation as well as infiltrate and capture “Ourobos”, Libya’s well-known terrorist.

When Steve confessed his love to Eric, he was rejected because the latter thinks he can protect their friendship by doing so. Will they go farther from friendship?

A love story within the turmoil of war, where lab gowns and military coats are taken off to surrender for love! Are you ready for Steve’s hotness? Ah, I mean their story?


Download: Site #1 Site #2


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