~The Druid~

‘I suppose you had everything to do with it dear druid of my heart, my soul
and my body, master of all of me from head to toe. Nothing happens in my
life now which you are not part of, from the first day I saw you to this
very minute. I owe you all honour and all service and all love my Lord.’
The boy blushed, he was not used to making such a long speech directly to
the lined and beautiful face of his lover. He looked away from the magnetic
eyes but the the man pulled his face upwards and looking deeply into his
eyes said; ‘Stefan, you must know by now that you are my chosen one, that
you are my husband and wife my slave and my master, indeed my everything,
what you do not know is that you have been my chosen one for many thousands
of years and that the dance of the the universe and time has brought us
physically together many times, that we have been separated broken,
murdered, and even hated each other many times’.



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