~The Breed~

The look of horror spread across Ray’s face. His insides became
cold as ice. Ray had never in his 14 years ever spoken to a Vampire over the
age of 200 let alone an Elder or an Ancient.

George reached out and touched Ray’s shoulder gently and smiled.
“But only when you are ready to talk to him,” He then winked. “It is not an
order or directive, it is a simple request.”

Ray nodded with understanding and then lost control of his
emotions and finally began to cry. It had been a week since Tommy had
finally passed away from leukemia and until Ray had not shown any emotions
outwardly except for the occasional empathic outburst that never showed on
him, just everyone else.

George pulled the young boy into a gentle hug and held him
there, even though Ray attempted to pull away from the larger man’s grasp.
George felt the boy melt into an emotion pool of misery and held him as he

Across the cemetery, Antino nodded and smiled slightly. The plan
had worked better than expected. George was bonding with the boy. If the boy
was as powerful as the probe and the emotions seemed to show, he could be an
asset to Conclave, once he got over the old training that his clans had
given him.


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