~Institute for Father Son Incest Research~

The Institute of Father-Son Incest Research (IFSIR)

This is the log of Agent Carl Gregory, recorded while visiting the
undisclosed Institute of Father-Son Incest Research (IFSIR). I was sent to
IFSIR to investigate it, not to screen for illegal activities as many would
assume, but to determine if IFSIR should continue to get the same amount of
government funding. The institute is top secret, and most Americans would
be horrified to know that their tax dollars are going to research involving
wild, different sexual activities between fathers and their biological
sons. But I was happy to be selected to do an in depth study.

IFSIR is located a very large underground facility that was designed for
this purpose. It is heavily funded already, and my job is to assess
whether or not it is properly using its money. I was given a private tour
of the most promising studies in the facility’s 5 wings, each focusing on a
different branch of study: oral studies, anal studies, semen studies, piss
studies and the very mysterious “Miscellaneous Acts” wing. For each
experiment I will document the name of the particular study, the duration
of the study, the “name” used to refer to the subjects, and I will also
record whether or not the subjects were “Volunteers”, “Recruits”, or
“Other”. All those who do not fit into the first two categories will have
an explanation.


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