~Brothers and Slaves~

I live with my Mom and Dad in a very upscale part of Clarmont. I have an
older brother, Ken, 18, a senior, and a younger brother, Gary, 15, a
freshman. All of us being at the same school can make for some tense times
if we’re on the outs at home. And then there’s the problem for Gary, my
younger brother and for me, of living up to an older brother’s
achievements. My older brother, Ken, is a star athlete, he starts on the
football team at wide receiver, he’s tall and sort of thinish, and at
shortstop on the baseball team. He wrestles during the winter so he’s
pretty strong and is very proud of his body. I can tell. He spends so much
time in the john just looking at himself in the full length mirror, which
he doesn’t know I know, at least he didn’t when this all started.

Gary is just a younger version of Ken. Like Ken, he started on a team right
away, first the soccer team, then swim team and tennis in the spring. I’m
the outlier. I’ve made the track team, which is lucky because there’s
indoor track during the winter and outdoor in the spring. I run middle
distances like the 200 and 400 yard races. I’m pretty fast, no world record
pace, but fast enough to start and win more than half of my races. I love
running. I love the sweat, and the feeling in my legs, the strength and the
tiredness, pushing myself. I’m in another world when I run, completely lost
in the race and in my own body.


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