~Bred Slave~

Mr. Grey smiled, nearly smirking, “Well, my boy, things have changed, or really, they’ve changed back. Your parents are no longer my house guests, and I’m sorry to say that your free ride is also over. Now, everything that your parents have earned and owned the past 18 years belongs to me. If I recall correctly, you have a few hundred bucks in your bank account from your campus job, maybe that’s enough to get you started? Of course, you’ll need to establish residency somewhere, apply for financial aid, figure out how you’re going to cover your tuition, books, room and board. Or, maybe you’ll just decide to drop out, take some low paying job till you get on your feet. I’m sure you’ll survive…” My head was spinning as he spoke. He couldn’t be serious. Not only did I have to process this fucked up situation with my parents, but now I was being completely cut off. “But,” I stammered, feeling more nervous sweat on my lower back, “I mean, you can’t…How? Why?!” I exclaimed. “Of course, there is one other option,” he paused for effect. “Listen carefully as I don’t want to be interrupted. You are the product of two slaves. If this was another time and place, you would already be enslaved by virtue of your birth. Obviously, your parents’ enslavement was voluntary, and you too must be given the choice whether or not to fulfill your birthright.”


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  1. Technical glitch. Part of your work on the right side has been chopped off.

    • thanks 🙂

    • fixed

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