I'm the creator of this lovely site.

I created YIWS because my group Yaoi Manga Only was deleted off of Crunchyroll due to inappropriate content. After 2 years of hard work, and over 350 manga uploaded to the site; it was just gone! In a matter of seconds I had to sit back and go “Now what am I going to do?”

Many of the 2589 users off of YMO asked “Are you going to start the group over?” At the time my honest answer was “HELL NO!” I mean I was pissed! All that work just gone… no warning… I was in morning.

After about a week with nothing to do I found myself saying “Well I don’t have to start another Group I could just help in someone elses group.” Proud of my idea I went and applied. Only one group wanted my help, but I was happy to have something to do again without all the pressure! I was asked to transfer the group over to WordPress.com, because the creator was afraid that the group would be shut down just like YMO.

I began the transfer while learning how to work word press. That took about 24 hours. I found myself dissatisfied… mostly because I am a total control freak and this was someone elses Web site. A couple more days of feeling that I wasn’t getting enough out of just helping, made me start YIWS.

Now when I began I had full intention of calling my Website Yaoi Manga Only again, when I realized I wanted to put so much more into the Website then I ever did the group! Anime, Novels, Manga, Information, Polls, ect.

Thinking for a while then deciding that Yaoi Information Website was a perfect name! YIWS for short (because 4 letters minimum were needed for the web address)

Creating the layout and making the first header made me feel in control again!( I know how sad that sounds LMAO! )Once again I have my life back and fully intend to make YIWS even better then YMO!Your comments and suggestions will help me do this.

I visit the site at least once a day and try to add at least 5 new things a week. If you want to help with the Website just let me know and we can talk. Keep in mind that I will probably send you messages stating exactly what needs to be done… only because my control freak nature is a big part of who I am! (giggle)

If you want to know more about me or find some more great links;

click my picture!

; KK


3 Responses

  1. Yes i know what u mean … although i made imeem’s yaoi group for a few months only… YET – it’s disappointing !!! and irritating…
    but life goes on, as long as there is YAOI – there is always a home for YAOI FANS! THank u for making this site 😀 love u girl!

  2. hehe..tnx kk =)
    i can still have my yaoi fix..hahas..
    weird but yaoi almost always removes my work stress!!

    • your welcome 🙂 you know you can always count on me LOL

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