Keijijyou na Bokura

Horyuu is a shining, good looking surfer idol. Shouin, who is enamoured with him, is a calm, restrained and mature youngster. Though Horyuu is the polar opposite to the subdued Shouin, he cannot erase from his mind the secret confession which they shared…

The volumes also contain two oneshots called “Utakata no Hibi” in Vol. 1 and “Our Everlasting” in Vol. 2, which is a prequel to “Kurumi no Naka”.

“Utakata no Hibi”: At 35, an art teacher is given a choice between an operation with a success rate of only 30% or another three years to live without it. He refuses the operation and proceeds to live a kind of half-life. But that Spring, he meets and has an affair with a loud and healthy student from Osaka. Still, the knowledge of his impending death keeps him from being fully involved.

“Our Everlasting”: All Sohei wanted was to film the beautiful man he’d caught a picture of before. But is the price too high…


Download: Vol. 1, Vol. 2

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