~Scarlet Threads~

Scarlet Threads began as a role playing idea, developed into a story, and then became a universe unto itself. Scarlet Threads is the first story of Aya and Cye, followed by New Ties, which brings both series together. As side stories, we have created some Past-Life Stories, investigating the different lives Aya and Cye might have lived before they found each other in this one. Please give them all a chance!

All stories are co-written by me, Wiggle, and Jada. I write for Aya and the Weiss boys, and she writes for Cye and the Ronins. Please send feedback to Jada as well!



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  1. Hi guys!

    Just tried accessing the site and now it doesn’t come up!?

    I’ve been a fan of Scarlet Threads for as long as I can remember; it’s one of the first stories that got me into yaoi?

    How can I access it?

    • Yay!

      Thanks peeps! 🙂

      • Also I have the PDF version thanks to Kerri Kabuki. If you want it


      • Yes please!

        Email: nicola.julia.ward@googlemail.com

        Thanks! =)

  2. Sorry guys – new issue

    Chapter 12’s link doesn’t work! It says the page can’t be found.

    I’ve it several times but nothing comes up.

  3. Hi Peeps!

    As I’ve mentioned before, I remeber reading this story as one of my first yaoi stories but I’m a bit confused.

    When I first read this story it had been fully completed? So why isn’t chapter 13 up? (Btw the link is still broken for chapter 12 so I have to access chapter 12 by editing the html address).

    Is it being done for editing?

    • No the site that had the full version is gone i had to go searching for a replacement site. I am still looking for the rest 😦


  4. just curious, was new ties ever completed or did it just stop at 5 chapters? btw did u create this website after ur group in crunchyroll was suspended? i think i asked too many questions but there is a reason for this xD

    • OMG I can’t believe you noticed…. Were you apart of YMO? Yes when my other site went down I made this one, but it’s been really hard to keep it up without help so I have stopped posting new stuff for now. Evey once in a while I add new stuff. And don’t worry Even if I give up on this site all together I will never remove it so all the links will still be here. If you want something added contact me and I will do it for you.


    • sorry the last time I read this I was really tired and totally didn’t get what you were asking 😛

  5. Hi everyone!

    Has there been any luck in finding the other chapters yet?

    • The Chapters have been found!


  6. I read Scarlet Threads, New Ties, and a bunch of other fanfics by Wiggle, Jada, and River on the old site…I don’t know if anyone still wants to read them or not (since the last post was in October 2010), but I have all of Scarlet Threads and what was posted for New Ties (as well as the other fanfics) saved into a document. If anyone wants to finish reading Scarlet Threads, I could somehow upload it or send it to the right person to have them finish posting the story. It was such a good story! I even have one of the original pictures that was posted with one of the chapters in Scarlet Threads.

    • Yes I would absolutely love to see these.stories posted again!

      Please let me know as soon as it’s up again 🙂


    • Are you still willing to share the Scarlet Thread New Ties story, I would love to be able to finish reading it.

  7. Hello all,

    This is my last ditch attempt at getting hold of this story – I love it to pieces and would love to read the whole thing again but no one has sent me an email with it or anything.

    If you have the full version, please get hold of me. Otherwise I’ll settle in for the long goodbye.

    Many thanks


    • darkangel1211,
      I have all of Scarlet Threads saved. I have part of New Ties, I am not sure how much of that I am missing. It seemed to leave alot of loose ends where my file ends, but perhaps the story branched off into other fics, I am not sure. I can email as much as I have, if you would like.

      On another note I am still looking to see if there is more to New Ties than what I already have. If anyone is willing to share that and any other side stories for the Weiss/Ronin crossover of the Wiggle and Jada Universe, I would GREATLY appreciate it.


  8. Thank god someone’s actually got it 🙂
    Yes, please email me at the following – nicola.julia.ward@googlemail.com

    • I sent a response to your email, I will get the file to you by Monday. It will come from Sitarose. Keep an eye on your junk mail.

  9. I’ve been searching for this fic since God knows when! T.T but then chapter 13 isn’t up yet, does anybody has the full series of scarket thread? If anyone does please please sent it to me via e-mail T.T This fic is really special to me because i love it even though i don’t watch either anime nor know the character that well…

  10. If anyone still has a copy of all of the Scarlet Threads Arc, can they send it too me? I only have up to chapter 12 and I’ve spent a few years looking. evamcgregor8@gmail.com

    thanks Eva

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