Men’s Love

Kirishima Kaoru, a representative of the Toudou Group in Japan, is the lover of Daigo Mikihisa, an executive of Mercury, a big corporation in America. One day, Daigo’s father, president of Mercury, orders his illegitimate son to be married to build a political alliance. What would the emotionally fragile Kaoru do when he finds out—?

A story of two men fighting for their love in the business world!

The series goes like this:

1. Happy Yarou Wedding: Read Download

2. Utsukushiki Kemonotachi: Read Download

3. Virgin Love: Read Download

4. Toriko ni Natta Kemono: Read Download

5. Junai no Seinen: Read Download

6. Kemono wa Ai de, Iyasareru: Read Download

7. Playboy Amour: Read Download

8. Oboreru Kemono no Koibito: Read Download

9. Men’s Love: Read Download

KKPODESKY Recommendation


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  1. Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

    • go crazy 🙂

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