The author of Heat and Flashover is back with more firefighters, and two more great stories!

In Tinder, Chris Matthews is a firefighter with Oceanside Fire. He loves his job and doesn’t even mind the forty five hours of coursework a year he needs to do in order to stay current. That is until Morgan Daniels walks into the station to teach the firefighters a course on sexual harassment.

Morgan Daniels doesn’t like firefighters in general and Chris in particular, the two men taking an instant dislike to each other. So how come every time they’re thrown together the sexual tension between them can be cut with a knife? Can these two strong willed men find some common ground? Do they even want to?

Embers picks up where Tinder leaves off, with the relationship Chris and Morgan have built becoming strained around the edges. Chris can’t understand it, and he’s not sure what’s going on, but Morgan is becoming distant and secretive. Chris can’t help but suspect the worst.

Morgan doesn’t know how to explain what’s going on, so he doesn’t, creating an awkwardness and strain that might be hard to fix. Can Chris find a way to make Morgan explain what’s going on without losing the man he’s come to love?



3 Responses

  1. One of my favorites tied for 1st…. I can’t pick but that tells you how good it is!

  2. it says the download link is nonexistent…how can i read it? 0.0

    • This book has been taken of line by the publisher. You have to buy it 😦 trust me I’m upset too… This is my favorite novel


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