Ikoku Irokoi Romantan

Ranmaru and Kaoru are honeymooning in Italy to celebrate their arranged marriage. They try to put on a good face in public for the good of their yakuza families, but they really make each other miserable. Kaoru-chan is looking forward to cruising for hot Italian guys, but high-tempered Ranmaru ends up landing the hottest Italian guy of them all; the captain of their cruise ship, who happens to have a Japanese fetish. Well, someone has to protect Ranmaru from all the crazy gaijin…

Italy, a cruise, a handsome and interesting man who turns out to be the captain…. would anyone ask for more to make it a perfect romantic foreign love affair? I doubt it….But what happens if it turns out that you’re actually on honeymoon, Italians consider you as a reminiscence of Japan’s feudal times, you get lost and sold at auctions as a sex doll? For sure you’d love that sexy captain to rescue you. Ikoku Irokoi Romantan is a one volume manga where passion and tension grows each page as you read it and the set is just perfect: Florence first and Rome later will be background for the feelings shared by the main characters, and Al the seducer is going to do his best to make Ranmaru fall for him. Will he succeed? Well, you can guess, this is the romantic tale of a foreign love affair after all.

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