~The Man Who Doesn’t Take Off His Clothes~

After leading anything but a fashionable collegiate life, Kaitani is entering his third year at a major cosmetics company. His boss is that redolent Adonis, Fujiwara. Although any number of women have had their eyes on Fujiwara, Kaitani can’t think of him as anything but an ill-mannered snob. To make matters worse, Kaitani clashes with Fujiwara over the marketing of a new line of men’s cosmetics. Soon thereafter, Kaitani hears that even when making love, Fujiwara keeps his clothes on! What will Kaitani’s next move be?

Download: Vol. 1 , Vol. 2

KKPODESKY Recommendation


3 Responses

  1. One of my favorites tied for 1st…. I can’t pick but that tells you how good it is!

  2. Vol 2 link doesn’t work, please upload it again on some other link!

  3. Oh sorry seems like there was a problem with my download manager browser. Thank you so much for the links 😀

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